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Meet our 2022 Executive Board



Mythri Sundar

Mythri is a senior majoring in Urban Studies, minoring in Museum Studies and Music, and pursuing a Nonprofit Management certificate. Hailing from the South Hills, Mythri has enjoyed taking part in initiatives by members of the Pittsburgh Indian community from a young age. Since 2007, Mythri has been a student with Nandanik Dance Academy, founded and directed by Smt. Nandini Mandal. These days, Mythri continues to dance, perform, and assist with classes at Nandanik. For a final year with Dhirana, Mythri looks forward to working with a dedicated group of students and carrying on the tradition. Mythri plans to specialize in the arts administration field after graduating.



Paushaly Sau

Paushaly is a senior majoring in Biology and History, with a minor in Chemistry. She has been studying Bharatanatyam since the age of 6, and she is also trained in Navanritya, Lok Nritya, and Rabindra Nritya dance styles. Paushaly is a student of Guru Smt. Nandini Mandal, artistic director of the Nandanik Dance Academy based in Pittsburgh, where she continues to study dance and performs with the Nandanik Dance Troupe across the country. Paushaly was also a member of Nrityamala, Pitt’s premier Indian classical dance team. In her fourth and final year of Dhirana, Paushaly is excited for her new role as Co-Director, and she is thankful to continue spreading awareness of her beloved Indian classical dance as well as supporting the Pittsburgh community through Dhirana’s mission statement. 


Business Manager

Kavya Singh

Kavya is a junior majoring in Mathematics-Economics with a minor in Creative Writing. She started Bharatanatayam when she was ten years old and has been doing it ever since. Her love for classical dance led her to join Nrityamala and Dhirana during her first year at the University of Pittsburgh. Although she is no longer a Nrityamala dancer, Kavya continues to fuel her passion for classical dance as an active Dhirana member. Dhirana has given her the opportunity to not only immerse herself in her culture and love for dance, but to also help the community around her by supporting the Birmingham Free Clinic. Kavya is excited to start her new role as Business Manager and looks forward to working with the rest of the board to celebrate another prosperous year for Dhirana!



Avani Mathur

Avani is a senior majoring in Biological Sciences and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry and on the pre-medical track. She is a classically trained Kathak dancer who has held her Visharad degree since 2018, and also has experience in the Bollywood and Bhangra genres. Avani has seen firsthand the value classical dancing can bring to one’s life, and was inspired by this experience as well as her interest in healthcare to join Dhirana her freshman year and support the Birmingham Free Clinic. Though the pandemic has posed a number of challenges this past year, Avani has enjoyed navigating through them with the Dhirana team and looks forward to another year in the organization!


Nrityamala Representative

Jothika Gorur

Jothika is a senior majoring in Sociology and working towards her Global Health Certificate. She has been learning Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Smt. Shobhitha Ravi (Artistic Director of Natyakriya) since 2008 and recently started her Kuchipudi training this past September with Dr. Bindu Madhavi Gutti Rachuri (Artistic Director of The SPIFPA School of Kuchipudi Dance). Jothika’s passion for Classical dance led her to join Nrityamala, Pitt’s premier Indian classical dance team. After captaining the team for two years, she is now serving as an advisor for the 2021-2022 year. Jothika is thrilled to be the Nrityamala Representative and looks forward to celebrating 10 years of Dhirana!

Meet the rest of the team!

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